Letters to the Editor

Suggests change in tax distribution

In the county, there is a movement being proposed to change the system of representation. In short, I believe conservatives are looking to institute a system to counter progressives centered in Bellingham.

Imposing a system based on fragmented districts is contrary to the principle of majority rule, but apparently it is the only way these folks believe they can advance their agendas, given their views are out-of-touch with the majority within the defined boundaries of the county.

If this proposal is to succeed, I’d like to see Bellingham (as the largest and most prosperous city in the region) take it one step further, by redirecting all city tax revenues formerly applied to propping up failed conservative outposts throughout the county; and instead use these funds exclusively for the city’s own programs and services.

Thus, life in prosperous and progressive Bellingham would get even better, while those on the angry fringes will get a hard lesson in economics and the need to compromise.

Conservatives love to complain about the welfare state and moochers, so it will be an interesting experiment to see how well they can fare with nothing more to eat than their own words and hollow promises.

Eric Harris