Letters to the Editor

Wants medical marijuana separate from recreation

Just as there are studies coming out about the benefits of cannabis medicinally, I believe our state is taking a step back and trying to combine it with recreation. I believe it is different and should be not be regulated by the state, that is between a patient and their physician, just like any other medication and diagnoses. We don’t tax people on their medication from a pharmacy so why are we trying to get taxes from medical marijuana? Isn’t the state making enough money from the recreational stores? Greedy-greedy. And who loses? The patients that were doing just fine for the past 16 years.

And to add insult to injury, the medical marijuana dispensaries that chose not to try and get a license for a recreational store (because they were adamant that medical marijuana should not be treated the same as recreational) will be at the bottom of the list for getting a medical marijuana license next year.

Please find a petition to sign to protect the medical marijuana program that we, the voters, approved of over a dozen years ago. Repeal SB5052.

Call the governor. Call your representative.

Amy Glasser