Letters to the Editor

Suggests change to county voting

I believe the five-district proposal equally represents the varying communities in Whatcom County. This is needed to create fair representation and abide by the Washington State Constitution. The three-district system is out of date, it was created in 1978 when the Whatcom County population looked extremely different. The districts split Bellingham into all three districts diluting Bellingham’s voice and infringing on the voice of rural areas. Representation for farmland, mountain, ocean and urban areas will add a voice for all keeping our elections fair and equal. This opportunity to update the districts only happens every 10 years. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity for progress and create fair representation in Whatcom County. I believe district-only voting with these three districts is manipulating the voice of Whatcom County. Prevent this by voting yes for five districts and no to district-only voting.

Jack Powell