Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with toll of guns on U.S.

Enough is enough!

According to the latest statistics from the Brady Campaign to End Gun Violence, more than 30 Americans are shot to death by guns every day.

Given the increasing frequency of gun-related massacres in this country, perhaps it is time to rethink how we have been responding to these tragedies – and in turn, to find the courage to take real action.

Granted, there will need to be some compromises made, but clearly what we’ve been doing isn’t working. Difficult times call for bold solutions!

Therefore, I am suggesting that we just keep all the flags permanently at half mast.

Rather than lower them for a period (following a shooting), then raising them back up (for ever shorter intervals), let’s just keep them in a lowered position to signify our permanent state of martyrdom.

Granted, a small segment of the public will be outraged, feeling that flying the flag in this way is an affront to the Constitution or God (or maybe both), but given that this segment doesn’t own Congress (like I believe the NRA does), this proposal seems passable.

Therefore, I call upon our NRA-friendly Congressman (and man of courage) Rick Larsen to join me in a moment of prayer, and then take a bold stand to show that he is serious about acknowledging the toll gun violence is taking on America.

Carlos Montage