Letters to the Editor

Says Co-op parking change needed

As someone who was looking forward to the new, safer and more rational parking lot at the downtown Food Co-op I was dismayed to read there is a petition against it.

Sure, a lovely mature tree will have to be sacrificed. But it is not a unique tree and it will be replaced by many more. And sure, we all should ride our bicycles more, and, in general, there is too much parking, usually foisted on us by obsolete regulations. But as a practical matter most of us do not use our bicycles to grocery shop. I have witnessed the lot full many times, but of more concern is the backups that can occur on Forest Street when cars are trying to maneuver in the existing lot.

What I was particularly looking forward to was the direct access onto Chestnut, avoiding the extra blocks of driving and the conflicts with traffic on Forest and Holly for those of us who live south and southwest of the Co-op.

I hope this petition does not slow down a much needed improvement.

Dan Taylor