Letters to the Editor

Supports district-only voting for council

Ten years ago, voters approved representation by district by a large majority. Yet before even one complete election cycle had occurred, the County Council introduced a vaguely worded amendment to have it overturned. Why was that? Who wanted it overturned? And note that confusing language on the ballot — legalese — made it hard to know what a yes or no vote meant.

There is nothing unusual about having the people in your district control whether they want you to represent them. Most counties have either remained that way or returned to it. County-wide voting may sound more “fair” on the surface, but it can have the unfortunate result of council members who lost in your district nevertheless representing you. That person may have less knowledge or interest in your geographic area than the person who won in your district but lost county-wide.

We currently have a County Council that does a fair amount of unanimous or near-unanimous voting. That should worry us. If you know the issues they are discussing, there should be healthy disagreement, not people who are all of the same mind.

Judy Criscuola