Letters to the Editor

Finds redistricting attempt at gerrymandering

There seems to be a belief on the part of many in Whatcom County that their votes are not given the proper weight because of the “power of the urban-oriented city of Bellingham.” I find this puzzling, since there are about 83,000 people in Bellingham and approximately 120,000 in the county outside of Bellingham. Assuming eligible voters in the same proportion in city and county seems to favor the county. It’s apparent that those whose candidates weren’t elected are unhappy, but what happened in the last election for the County Council? Maybe those who were elected were better qualified. Or maybe more voters were motivated to vote for those candidates. Quite frankly, the proposed change in the way we would elect council members I believe is a classic and blatant case of gerrymandering. It will disenfranchise those out in the county who don’t want farmland paved over, rivers and aquifers plundered and coal trains every half hour. The same fate for those of us in “the urban-oriented city of Bellingham.”

John Yearsley