Letters to the Editor

Against GPT, not other industries

At a recent meeting, port candidate Gary Jensen said “opponents of the GPT coal terminal want to get rid of all the existing industry around Cherry Point.” Not true! I am one of the Birch Bay residents who is opposed to Gateway Pacific Terminal and in all the meetings I have attended I have never heard any person or group suggest doing away with BP, Intalco or Phillips!

We don’t want 18, 1.5 mile-long, noisy coal trains a day passing Ferndale schools; 1,000-foot coal ships without tug escort possibly colliding with oil tankers; or five piles of coal on 640 acres, each pile one-half mile long requiring 5.33 million gallons of Nooksack river water daily to control the dust. We don’t want to look at the thing either. I believe it will kill more jobs than it creates (5,000 fishing and tourism). Washington taxpayers will be required to pay for rail overpass or underpass at major intersections from Spokane to Seattle, (three ferry terminals) Bellingham, Grandview. By law BNSF pays 5 percent. A bad deal for Whatcom County.

Alice Brown