Letters to the Editor

Applauds Supreme Court ruling on marriage

For once the Supreme Court did its job when it struck down prohibitions to same sex marriage. Marriage began as and remains a civil institution; religious acceptance of marriage followed later. Government authorizes clergy to perform civil marriage but cannot endorse any religious view of marriage. Same-sex marriage is not about religion; it is about equal treatment under federal law ,which does not harm or interfere with religious practices; it prevents religious belief from interfering with civil law. The commerce associated with same sex marriages is similarly protected from religious interference by the First Amendment. Given the recent record of the regressive justices on the court in the Citizen’s United and Hobby Lobby cases, it is heartening that there is still one Republican-appointed justice who can think beyond ideology.

Religious people should accept that civil and religious societies are two different things. The right to religious freedom will exist only when religious people accept the right of others to not be religious. Perhaps the clergy who disagree with same-sex marriage should stop performing civil marriages and adopt a live-and-let-live attitude.

Michael Tomlinson