Letters to the Editor

Happy 100 Acre Wood preserved for future

Some years ago I voted to increase my property taxes as well as some of my rental homes in order to prevent the 100 Acre Wood parcel from being developed. I had never set foot on this land but it seemed obvious that it was desirable for our active and outdoors community. I’ve just returned from my second walk in this paradise. I never imagined how lovely all the second-growth trees, ferns, wild birds singing and peaceful paths that are hidden behind the non-descript property along the road to Chuckanut Drive could be. This place reminded me of the walk around Lake Padden as well as other wooded places throughout our town. I’m so grateful some farsighted people had the gumption to preserve this peaceful “Jurassic Park” setting at their own expense. Like the Larrabees, Cornwalls, etc. before us, not only will our children but many generations of future B’hamsters marvel at the wisdom of preserving such a celestial piece of heaven. Thank you people that voted to preserve this paradise so that the magnificent land would not be bulldozed so a few could make temporary profits putting houses where there is now a piece of heaven.

Janet Needler