Letters to the Editor

Concerned outside money funds election

Voters in Whatcom County need to clearly understand what is at stake in the county charter amendments proposed for the November ballot and who is trying to manipulate the outcome.

I disagree slightly with the first letter on this topic: the majority on the Charter Review Commission are not simply a “regressive faction of old, angry, white people” who “resort to a constitutional coup” due to “sour grapes” over losing the 2013 elections.

But I disagree even more with the second letter that purports that “a special interest group” has plotted a “diversionary maneuver around the entire home rule charter review function, painting the County Council in deceitful colors.”

Let’s all calm down.

Big coal, SSA Marine and BNSF exercised their rights under the current Supreme Court to spend as much money as they needed to elect a majority on the Charter Review Commission. Moneyed interest from outside the county support well-meaning locals who I believe honestly want to trade future climate chaos and erosion of local quality of life for the empty promise of prosperity today.

Extractive industries have been pulling this stunt for a very long time in a lot of communities, leaving the locals to clean up their mess after they leave town.

Just “say no” to the outsiders who try to buy our elections.

Fool us once, shame on you; fool us twice, shame on us.

Jon Shaughnessy