Letters to the Editor

Supports Watson for Ferndale mayor

The upcoming Ferndale mayoral election puts the city at a crossroads; do we want to keep moving forward making this a prosperous city or do we want to return to the days the mayor made sweet deals for developers at taxpayer expense?

Cathy Watson is the choice of the three remaining Ferndale city council members not running for mayor. Cathy, at her own expense, became a certified municipal leader, which I believe makes her the best candidate for mayor. She researches issues well and listens to all opinions before she votes. Cathy has been a great city council leader and will make a great mayor. Please vote for Cathy Watson — Ferndale mayor’s race!

Her opponent, Jon Mutchler, is supported by developers and has accepted campaign donations from big land developers. Don’t take my word for it, research the Washington Public Disclosure Commission reports he files! Google the names to see what their occupations are. At this time, five of eight donors are land developers! Jon Mutchler is the only mayoral candidate that has filed with the PDC to spend in excess of $5,000 in his campaign for Ferndale mayor! Spend $5,000 for the Ferndale mayor’s race? Really? None of the other candidates will raise or spend that kind of money for their campaigns. Where’s all those cash contributions coming from?

Is that what we want making decisions for our city?

Keith Olson