Letters to the Editor

Opposes district voting for County Council

The Whatcom County Charter Review Commission only spent 23 minutes Feb. 23 discussing their charter amendment for district voting, hearing only four people’s public testimony about that amendment before they voted to put it on this November’s ballot. But, after that meeting’s vote, many people testified about Amendment 1. Here are viewpoints some voiced that confirmed my opposition to district voting for Whatcom County Council members.

Those who feel like they have interests in more than just one area of the county, even if their home is in just one city or town, wish to be able to make a choice with their vote for each seat on a council that makes rulings that affect the whole county.

Some feel that the three district proposal, as drawn, may be at odds with state law.

People feel that the language by which Amendment 1 to the County Charter is represented on the ballot may be confusing to voters who then might accidentally choose something they don’t really want, or may not vote at all.

The public recently chose countywide voting over district voting. After district voting was approved in 2005 and an election was held employing district voting, then in 2008 voters chose to pick countywide voting once again. Also, new charter amendments 2 and 3 would help lock in district voting for 10 years or more.

Your voice cannot be ignored in November if you get out to vote!

Dena Jensen

Birch Bay