Letters to the Editor

Unhappy commission appears partisan

Before coming in 1973, some places where I had lived were corrupt, so this area was a revelation. People were caring neighbors; even political forums were generally free of hyperbole, examples of courteous attention and documentable facts. Even during early efforts to write and improve our county charter, things worked pretty well. Not “what’s in it for my party,” but “what’s best for our county?”

I believe those times are gone: Outside interest money and condemnation of compromise have polarized us. Ideas that aren’t from party sycophants aren’t considered.

Addressing us as his presidency ended, George Washington stridently warned Americans against the rise of partisan politics, foreseeing that democracy would suffer as parties sought power. That seems to be demonstrated by the manipulative Charter Review Commission.

I subscribe to a wonderful four-way test for all we say and do: “Is it the truth? Is it fair to all concerned? Will it build good will and better friendships? Will it be beneficial to all concerned?”

I believe actions of the charter group fail the test, as partisan or absolutist members ignore some or many of the people affected.

This is not a case of “fair for the rurals” vs. “fair for the urbans,” this discussion should be “what is fair for all in this county?”

Partisans made this a travesty. George Washington was right. We deserve better. Shame on the commission.

Joe Coons