Letters to the Editor

Worries about speed on Mission Road

Today the traffic on Mission Road increased tenfold or more. The reason is certainly the new detour that intends for Highway 542 traffic to take Everson-Goshen to Kelly Road, and then back to 542 (or the reverse if westbound). Many people are using the one-mile segment of Mission Road to travel between 542 and Kelley, which is understandable. But many of these drivers seem to presume that Mission Road’s speed limit is the same as that for Everson-Goshen, which is not the case. The new users of this part of Mission Road don’t seem to be aware that residents regularly walk on this road. Deer regularly cross it. Many pets roam free. People from all over the county ride bikes on Mission and Kelly. Some ride horses. Several neighbors operate farm machinery getting from one field to another. To WSDOT, Washington State Patrol, Whatcom County Public Works and the commuting public, please do your part to keep us all safe.

Leslie DeBrock