Letters to the Editor

Enjoyed Drayton Harbor Music Festival

The Drayton Harbor Music Festival and music camp seems to be a well-kept secret in Whatcom County. I learned about it from a flyer at my local hardware store, checked it out online and was surprised at the quality of the faculty/musicians. I immediately enrolled my grandson, who thoroughly enjoyed a full week of classes and youth performances. I enjoyed five days of terrific performances at Blaine’s PAC and a fabulous night dancing under the stars at the big band benefit while enjoying great food, drinks and music.

Musicians/faculty and students came from all over the U.S. and Canada. It was a great opportunity for the students to learn from and play with professional musicians who were eager to share their love of music with these great teens, These young people were kind and supportive to one another, respectful to the faculty and eager to learn.

The Drayton Harbor Music Festival doesn’t happen in a vacuum. I had the pleasure of meeting many of the staff, volunteers, faculty and parents. The amount of effort that went into planning and executing this event was enormous, but the camp experience changes lives and musical dreams. I am so grateful I live in an area with such wonderful people who are willing to work so hard to share their love of music. Most importantly, my grandson had the best week of his life and can hardly wait until next year.

Karen Hartvig-Nielsen