Letters to the Editor

Believes Watson right for Ferndale mayor

Why I will vote for Cathy Watson for mayor of Ferndale:

1. Experience: As a member of the City Council and a member of our community for several years she has participated in the planning and establishment of a state of art police station, a new library and various road improvements. She has also been very active with the Boys and Girls Club, Senior Center, Farmers Market, Kiwanis and the list goes on and on.

2. Vision: Since she is such a visible member of the community, she has had a great deal of contact with the citizens and has heard our concerns. She is very sensitive and committed to these concerns and will do her best to address them.

3. Independent: She has no obligations to political parties, business or individuals, and is free to make decisions based on facts rather that outside pressures.

4. Commitment: Because of her high level of commitment to her current position as council member it defines her ability to lead Ferndale as its Mayor.

Check out Cathy's website at cathywatson.us and you will be convinced, as I am, that she is the right person for mayor of Ferndale!

Judi Berick