Letters to the Editor

Believes Watson could run Ferndale

As a resident, I have been paying close attention to the candidates running for mayor of Ferndale. Contrary to the beliefs of some candidates, running a city isn’t like running a business. Cities are not businesses. A good mayor is a good administrator. There are countless rules that govern the operations of a city. Rules with no counterpart in a for-profit business. When it comes to running a city, a small business owner has no advantage over a teacher or a nurse. Common sense, flexibility, good organizational skills and a strong awareness of community are a mayor’s biggest assets.

I also feel that candidates for a non-partisan position shouldn’t seek or brag about receiving the endorsement of a political party, or beg for money to fund their campaign. I want a mayor who will listen to all the residents and their viewpoints before making a decision and not approach a problem favoring one side over another.

Examining the current field, there is only one candidate for mayor of Ferndale who I feel truly has the knowledge necessary to run a city (she has a certificate of municipal leadership). Only one candidate who I believe is truly non-partisan, who is more concerned about improving the community than promoting themselves or their business. Once you do the research, I know you will join me in voting for Cathy Watson for mayor. Find out more about her at her website, cathywatson.us.

Bill Pate