Letters to the Editor

Supports Mutchler for Ferndale mayor

During the past 28 years of living in Ferndale I have been aware that Jon Mutchler was a “mover and shaker” in our city. He is simply what most people look for in a candidate for office; one who listens, responds, and reports back to the people he represents in a timely manner. His honesty is unquestioned, in my opinion.

My first informative letter came after Jon was narrowly elected to the Ferndale City Council. The periodic informational letters are a delight to read. They are not only informative but well written and touch on the important things the council is currently working on and what they are planning as well. I looked forward to those periodic updates over his time in office.

His availability is also notable; Woods Coffee mornings are his open door to the community. I met him there as did several others that said that they had met with him there also. He often takes notes of a conversation to bring our ideas to the council. No one else does that.

Now Jon is running for the position of mayor of Ferndale. He has proven to me to be a responsible, effective, accessible city councilman and will definitely have my vote for mayor. Ferndale can use his leadership as well as his movin’ and shakin’. Besides, he seems to love Ferndale as much as I do, and that means a lot to me.

Robert Storms