Letters to the Editor

Believes Watson right choice for Ferndale

As Ferndale evolves into a new era of governmental leadership, I believe the pre-eminent choice for mayor is clear: Cathy Watson. Watson has evidenced her venerability as a civic leader and public servant. She was recently awarded the certificate of municipal leadership from the Association of Washington Cities. Watson understands the complexity of all issues, possesses critical thinking skills and an aptitude for creative problem solving. She listens with respect and accords thoughtful consideration to all perspectives before advancing an opinion or decision grounded in the best interest of the common good. Watson is a ubiquitous volunteer who serves in myriad community organizations and was a steadfast advocate for construction of our new city jewel, the Ferndale Public Library.

Watson is well aware of the economic disparity present in Ferndale and the need for change. As the Ferndale Arts Commission liaison, she is co-founder of Ferndale’s first summer youth theater. Funded by a Whatcom Community Foundation grant, the program affords theatrical experience to youth living within the Ferndale School District free of charge. Her background as a former NASA meteorologist and middle school math and science teacher enables her to base decisions on scientific tenets combined with compassion for the human condition. Vote for the best. I sugges you vote Watson for mayor.

Marla Morrow