Letters to the Editor

Concerned charter process not respected

It is unfortunate that we live in a time where a small group of self-appointed “experts on everything” can try to circumvent the results of an open and free election.

I found it amazing that this groupled, led by Lisa and Dan McShane, had no problem in asking the County Council to completely ignore the work of the Charter Review Committee. Unlike others, who freely voice their concern or opinions, this self-appointed group believes they are the only voice that should be considered in the charter review process.

They made it clear that the freely elected delegates to this commission are not walking in lock-step with their proposals and demands. Therefore, they want the County Council to reject any proposal that comes from this freely elected commission.

I firmly believe it doesn’t mater what “we the people” think or how we vote. All that matters is how the McShane’s, their non-resident financial backers, and their minions think.

Bob Friske