Letters to the Editor

Supports Watson for Ferndale Mayor

I write in support of Cathy Watson for Ferndale mayor. For the past five years I have had the distinct privilege and great pleasure of friendship with this remarkable woman. The particulars of Cathy’s impressive employment history and life experiences are available to each of you at her website, cathywatson.us. I encourage you to become acquainted with Cathy, especially at this pivotal moment in Ferndale’s history. Our lovely little community is poised for so many major changes in the next few years, some positive and some arguably challenging. We need a leader with a balanced and open minded perspective, not beholden to any political or special interest groups. I believe these qualities describe Cathy and her approach to municipal governance. As a friend and as a current City Council member Cathy has demonstrated commitment, attention to detail, compassion for those who are struggling with life’s challenges, sincere affection for friends and community, and a strong, forward looking vision for Ferndale’s future. It is essential that we all exercise our constitutional right to vote for our leadership. We have a rare opportunity to elect an outstanding individual to help guide us into our future. I urge you to consider Cathy Watson as you educate yourselves as to the qualifications of the several candidates who are also running for the office of mayor. It’s our city, let’s make it even better!

Colleen MacGregor