Letters to the Editor

Objects to letter about ‘holding on to his guns’

In response to a Letter to the Editor about “holding on to his guns,” I feel compelled to question the thoughts in that letter. I believe that if anyone tries to come after our guns, they will be met with 300 million guns firing back at them, whoever these imaginary boogeymen are.

Our president is one of the most human-minded people on this earth. Just because he is African American, doesn’t mean he doesn’t see “Christians and others being killed in Boston by Muslims as a problem.”

All the talk about militarization of FBI, TSA, etc. is in response to the “terror threat” from extremists, not immigrants, which, I believe, the letter writer mistakes for what I believe to be his racism and bigotry against said immigrants.

To top it off, the remark that veterans and citizens are classified as “terrorists” is completely and utterly absurd! I am not a veteran, but am thankful that they sign up to help protect our rights as a free society. I am not thankful that our government casts them aside when they return from war and watches them commit suicide at a rate of over 20 a day, here in the USA, but that is another subject.

I am a citizen and take offense to being labeled as a terrorist. I believe that a citizen such as the letter writer, would even have the gall to equate veterans and citizens as such.

Ted Royal

Maple Falls