Letters to the Editor

Wants fair voice on County Council

If you were dismayed to learn that the candidate you supported for County Council in 2013 actually won the race in your council district but was not elected to serve and represent the perspectives shared by you and your neighbors, then you came to realize how I believe “at-large voting” exaggerates the power of voters in the more urban-oriented city of Bellingham.

The Charter Review Commission is working to provide the people an opportunity to restore fair and equitable representation on our County Council so that the voices of rural and small city residents, in addition to those in Bellingham, are heard. Recently the commission voted to place a measure on the November ballot which would establish district representation. Passing Proposed Amendment 1 will not, however, solve the problem, as was demonstrated following the 2005 Charter Review. Voters also need to remove County Council's authority to overturn fair representation.

Mark Nelson