Letters to the Editor

Reader says ‘let the trains run’

The recent protesting and a recent letter written singling out the “privileged few aristocrats” rising to the headlines with their insensitivity to the rest of humanity is mind boggling to me. The latest referred to those privileged capturing out of a tight budget, money to abate noise to their homes that often reflect a higher lifestyle than the rank-and-file can afford. Then I began to drift to those protesting the movement of coal, oil trains and drilling platforms, all critical to our transportation both commercially and for our private and affordable personal use and convenience. I think of those who hung on chains and disrupted transportation of these associated industries. I saw a picture of “grandmas” sitting in lawn chairs (safe and arrogant), protesting something while 20-year-olds were putting their lives physically and legally in a position of sacrifice. How will they view their behavior in 20 years? Positive, I doubt it, rather folly and realize it didn’t make their lives any better, after all. Those issues and physical things they were denigrating may eventually affect a job and career that provides well for those already employed and maybe their own futures. These industries are engineering marvels, (especially the oil rigs). Let the trains run, the coal for industry, and good paying jobs with benefits by these responsible industries.

Dan Arola