Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with district changes

Ben Elenbaas’ comments about the proposed amendments to the county charter to for new districts and elect more County Council members by district are truly enlightening. I believe the proposed amendments are really nothing more than sour grapes by the regressive faction of old, angry, white people who have been losing ground on the County Council since 2013. Unable to win elections, they project onto their opponents the very qualities they themselves show. The “hate and discontent” that Ben Elenbaas spoke of isn’t being fostered by the progressive faction on the council and on the charter review commission, but by Mr. Elenbaas and his supporters.

Of course Mr. Elenbaas and the other regressives could organize and try to actually win an election, but democratic methods are uncertain to achieve what I believe to be their desired dream of seizing power and holding on to it; so they resort to what amounts to a constitutional coup and then attack those who actually use the democratic process and the courts to see to it that the county follows the law.

The attempt by the regressive forces to seize and hold onto power raises sour grapes over failed election bids to a whole new level; however the people will not be fooled by the regressive’ artful rhetoric and obfuscation and projection of what lies in themselves onto others.

John Gray