Letters to the Editor

Supports actions of charter review group

A special interest group has put four ordinances before the County Council. I believe the effect of these ordinances would be for the County Council to place measures before the voters this November that would circumvent the intent of the duly elected Charter Review Commission.

The 15 charter review commissioners are elected from their districts every 10 years. This Charter Review Commission has met continuously since Jan. 12 to consider amendments for submission to the voters in November. This is one of the principal citizen methods of changing our county charter. The commissioners have given hours of patient attention to public testimony. There has been a high level of cooperation with the public and among the commissioners, despite their disagreements. There have been many humorous exchanges, and courteous clarifications. I have witnessed this and appreciate their hard work these last six months.

Every 10 years, the Charter Review Commission provides a check and balance to the County Council. The most it can achieve is to put an amendment on the ballot for voters’ decision. The voters are in control. There is no reason for the County Council to make this diversionary maneuver around the entire home rule charter review function. That they would consider such a step paints the County Council in deceitful colors.

Jane Sievers