Letters to the Editor

Happy same-sex marriage recognized

If I were asked to define who I am, I would start with American. It is a very intrinsic part of who I am today because I was born and raised as an American. I would follow by saying a son, a brother, an uncle, a husband, a father, and a grandfather, as these are the closest relationships I will ever have in my life. The list would go on and on and at some point I might mention that I am of German ancestry, indicating that my skin color is white. Way down the list I would include that I am gay.

As an American, how many of you would place heterosexual any where near the top of your description? What the Supreme Court placed into our laws last month is that we are all equal, and entitled to the same rights as each other. Gender and sexual orientation should have never been an issue, the same as my race or color, my religious beliefs, and the list goes on and on. We continue to evolve as a society.

I think it is really a shame that we are behind so many other countries that allow and recognize same-sex marriages. There are 18 other countries that allow and recognize same-sex marriages. Soon it will be in effect in three more, Ireland, Finland, and Slovenia. Even South Africa and Israel recognize same-sex marriages. As one of the founding and largest democracies in the world we should have been first. So shame on us for the delay.

Ed Keller