Letters to the Editor

Happy with recent political decisions

What a week to be proud to be an American! The Affordable Care Act is upheld by the U.S. Supreme Court despite attempts from the conservative justices to deny affordable health care to all. I believe universal health care should be next. Marriage equality for all – finally we are all equal in that regard! The Confederate symbol of hate and oppression is being removed from state houses paid for by all citizens. I hope that Wayne LaPierre took note that it didn’t take too long to challenge that long-standing practice of perpetuating feelings of inequality. He ought to reevaluate the NRA position of proposing that all U.S. citizens carry guns everywhere – we’ve just gotten too gun crazy. Finally, what a breath of fresh air to see President Barack Obama finally start to quit pussy-footing around with those that he could never get to compromise and respect the office of the presidency and take them to task for their maleficence. Hallelujah!

Mitchell Jancic