Letters to the Editor

Wants money out of politics

I believe all private money should be removed from elections and allow only a low maximum of equal funds to run a campaign. That way, we wouldn’t have so many “corporations are not people” ruining our government. Campaigning would become civilized by removing the “money vs. money” factor; more folks who really want to ethically serve their city/county/state/country would be on the same playing field.

Candidates would not be permitted to say anything about their competitors; instead, they could only campaign on what they would actually do once in office, no pie-in-the-sky promises that would prove to be non-existent in most cases. And get rid of all the annoying over-indulgent advertising, robo-calls and the like.

Our forefathers could not have envisioned, by any stretch of their imaginations, that elections would become so vile and overrun by greedy, power-hungry egoists with their own agendas. The only agenda would be to make this country great again and become fair, financially solvent and honest. A true aspirant would be thinking of how s/he could benefit our country, not how many people they would owe for the vast financial donations they needed to run their over-zealous campaigns.

Whatever happened to simplicity? Have we completely lost the concepts of “say what you mean and mean what you say” and “actions speak louder than words?”

Suzanne Kite