Letters to the Editor

Backs Mutchler for Ferndale mayor

I’m backing Jon Mutchler for mayor of Ferndale. Will you join me? I believe Ferndale has prospered in a difficult time under the strong leadership of it’s current mayor, Gary Jensen, and I think it’s imperative that we continue on this path.

My line of work occasionally draws me into Ferndale City Council meetings to listen and to be heard. I happened to be in attendance at Jon Mutchler’s first city council meeting and I was immediately impressed with his participation and critical thinking on his first night. I thought to myself “He is going to be a true asset to the city council and the Ferndale community” and he certainly has been.

I believe Jon has great leadership qualities. One of those qualities is that he listens to people’s opinions on issues that matter. In fact, he has a history of being proactive and reaching out to people to ask important questions that will need to be answered by Ferndale’s leaders. I like that about him. He’s available and approachable. He loves the community and wants the best for it. To be fair, I think the people he’s running against in the primaries do, too; but I have seen clear evidence that Jon is head-and-shoulders above the other candidates. If we want the best for Ferndale, we need the best leadership possible and I believe that’s Jon Mutchler.

Ron York