Letters to the Editor

Says trade bill will help farmers

I am a dairy farmer in Deming with 1,250 dairy cows and I would like to thank Rep. DelBene for supporting Trade Promotion Authority last week. I sell my dairy products through Darigold, which exports them around the world, and I believe American, especially Washington state, dairy products would be the most competitive in the world if it wasn’t for foreign trade barriers that try to keep our products out of growing international markets. Through policies like TPA, the U.S. can take the first step toward trade agreements that would break down those barriers and create more favorable trade environments for U.S. dairy products. I’d like to thank Rep. DelBene for sticking up for small businesses and farmers like me who can’t compete when unfair barriers are stacked against us. If we could sell more globally we could create more jobs in the dairy industry here in Washington. Rep. DelBene understands that our country needs to improve the way global trade works to ensure it benefits local small farms and businesses.

Jeff Rainey