Letters to the Editor

Says tribe shouldn’t have project veto

We are fortunate we have a strong industrial base at Cherry Point. Now we finally have the opportunity to add another: the Gateway Pacific Terminal. The high-paying jobs I believe it will bring for generations to come benefit this entire community, and its state-of-the-art facility will meet the highest environmental standards.

But this opportunity is threatened today. An all-encompassing environmental review is under way, but the Lummi Nation is demanding the Army Corps of Engineers immediately stop it. Perhaps they are afraid of the outcome. Why does one group have veto power over any project they don’t like? Not right. I believe it’s not fair to the company, which wants to invest here, not fair to families waiting for jobs, not fair to any future business.

Perhaps there are other agendas at work.

I urge the Army Corps to continue the study to its conclusion, with a factual and predictable outcome. We need this process to move forward in a timely fashion. We expect this from our government. No project should be treated no differently, and no group should receive special veto power.

Ray Pierce