Letters to the Editor

Says coal terminal won’t be needed

How and or why do we continue to discuss the possibility of putting in a coal plant at Cherry Point when China and other countries in Asia are slowly minimizing their dependency on coal? The Chinese government has proposed several new national policies to reduce coal use in the coming decades, which I believe means we are going to be stuck with a coal processing plant that isn’t able to sell anything. Do we realize that China’s national policies to control coal consumption is hoping to lead to greater and better employment opportunities in China’s power sector and related industries? The Chinese realize the detriment that coal has done to their air quality and general quality of life and they want to change this. Their new policy is to start minimizing the use of coal for their country; other countries in Asia are following in their footsteps. Why are we even considering the Cherry Point terminal? I believe it will be a big waste of money – when we would have restructured railways; restructured our beautiful countryside – when in a few years nobody will be buying coal.

Sharon Morris