Letters to the Editor

Suggests corporations behind class warfare

“All great democracies have committed financial suicide somewhere between 200-250 years after being founded.” Sound familiar? This is from an viral e-mail circulating the internet since about 2011; hardly an original thought. While it might be reasonable to point out that a recent letter writer plagiarized this message, it’s understandable as he could not possibly cite the author; one seldom can with viral e-mail.

The point of this line of thought (free stuff for poor people paid for by working people) may be intended to incite class warfare; middle-class against lower-class. The message cites “voters” electing “people” who will give those “voters” money from the treasury eventually leading to said “financial suicide.” But aren’t there “people” out there we are conveniently overlooking; not watching as we fight amongst ourselves? Mitt Romney awkwardly stated “corporations are people my friend” as a divided Supreme Court had ruled this to be the case. Fraud and abuse exist in all class of society and I’d be inclined to follow the old journalist adage of “follow the money” and to be wary of the deceptive strategy of “divide and concur.” The class that may be robbing our treasury is likely the true source of the message being promoted.

And lastly, the United States of America became a Republic upon ratification of the Constitution in 1788. Yes, it’s a small detail. But is it wise to take advice about the history of democracy and where the U.S. may be heading from someone who makes such a simple faux pas of historical fact, citing Independence Day as the founding of our republic?

Patrick Goff