Letters to the Editor

Unhappy tribe seeks to stop Gateway play

I believe there is a war going on against working people in Washington. The Gateway project is in the middle of preparing an environmental impact statement, but the Lummis insist the project be stopped right now. How is that fair? What happens when other businesses try to bring jobs to Whatcom County, and someone decides they don’t like it, for whatever reason?

The Lummis now have a big piece of land across from their very profitable casino. They will probably build a shopping center (with no local retailers) there, and they don’t have to follow the same land use laws others do.

For the little guy, trying to support a family and live here, it seems hypocritical. At the very least, shouldn’t the decision makers listen to all the parties involved, and all the evidence, instead of shutting it all down prematurely? Maybe they’re worried about what the facts and science will show.

Everyone involved should work together to find solutions, the way we used to, not favoring one special group over others. There’s room for all of us if we share.

Kevin Jordan