Letters to the Editor

Unhappy tax revenues shifted

I agree with the thesis set forth in a recent letter to the editor concerning the “bait and switch” tactics of converting sales tax revenue from the WTA that was earmarked for saving Sunday bus service for the folks here in Whatcom County. All too often, well-meaning tax increases intended for needed causes that the electorate approves are hijacked or mysteriously disappear from the programs for which they were intended and switched to other programs or the general fund without accountability.

Having lived in Los Angeles for more than 40 years it seemed like every election cycle additional sales tax revenues were supposedly needed for funding various projects such as public transportation that had previously been approved by the voters. Through the political process of bait and switch (which for you or I are illegal to do) and fiscally irresponsible mismanagement and outright theft of the revenues generated for a stated purpose to another is wrong. As a voter I generally vote against any such requests for sales tax increases because I feel the revenues generated will ultimately be misappropriated.

In the future, I sincerely believe new sales taxes approved by the voters should be put into a trust fund and those revenues can’t be touched for any other reasons no matter what they are and periodically audited with the results of the audit made public.

Ralph Myers