Letters to the Editor

Unhappy with city plan to fund quiet zones

I am disappointed with the council’s, and mayor’s, support for spending millions of tax dollars to create quiet zones (not including subsequent, ongoing maintenance costs).

I believe this is a classic case of the privileged and the connected getting benefits at the expense of the less fortunate. Those who are the most fortunate, who live in the nicest homes, in the nicest neighborhoods, with the nicest views are upset because, gosh, there are trains.

What upsets me is the willingness that city politicians have to support that request, knowing full well that there is no free lunch; these changes will come at the expense of reduced support and increased taxes for the average citizen, and will place an unfair and undue burden on the least fortunate of our citizens. We already see this with the idea that we will rededicate tax monies collected to provide additional transportation services to those less fortunate; by what stretch of the imagination this qualifies as improving transportation services I can’t imagine.

But this is only the beginning; I believe there will be a continual list of changes to services and additions to taxes in order that the most fortunate of our citizens can profit off of the least fortunate. I am lucky in that these taxes and services won’t impact me that much; however, I still think this is wrong on any level, including morally.

Al Gill