Letters to the Editor

Says property owners don’t want to be in city

Bellingham and Whatcom County are updating their comprehensive plans. I believe Bellingham is in the process of adding areas for urban sprawl. Last Thursday night the planning commission voted to add 880 acres to the urban growth area. I believe the west Larson Road properties were pulled into the Caitac urban growth area without any notification. I believe it states in the city comprehensive plan that citizens shall be notified in a timely manner.

I believe the property owners living on the south side of Larson Road do not want to be included in Bellingham’s urban growth area. It would be a simple line on the map to leave us out.

We can only hope the Bellingham City and Whatcom County councils will be a bit more considerate in their decision making and take into consideration what smaller property owners want.

Donna Macomber