Letters to the Editor

Wants university to divest funds

How encouraged I was to read this headline in the June 10, Bellingham Herald: “WWU students, faculty again urge divestment.” Reading on, I learned that students, faculty and staff again request the University Foundation to sell their funds invested in fossil fuel companies.

Education requires that students learn to choose the most important idea. These students understand that burning of fossil fuel is rapidly changing life on the planet. They understand that the “value” of coal companies in Wyoming and Montana is based on the reserves they intend to dig up and sell. I believe if all this is burned up it will cause great harm. They reject the idea that their (our) university gain money from this destruction. The students again gave their time and wisdom to President Bruce Shepard for him to take to the board of directors requesting that they divest the funds that include fossil fuels. (In truth the coal stocks have already lost most of their value so it isn’t smart to ride the value down more.) Now that President Shepard has announced his plan to retire next year, it is important that he make divestment part of his legacy and that the search committee consider this issue as they seek a new president.

Alyce Werkema