Letters to the Editor

Supports additional taxes for schools

In light of the recent tragedy on the Smith Road, I am now questioning why physical education takes place off of school property. The loss of life was senseless, and very preventable, if in fact the young people would have been on school grounds, doing their p.e. class. During my school experience, we were never let off of the school campus, for any reason. Having children walking about the town, during the hectic traffic day, doesn’t seem safe, or reasonable. I for one think this practice should be terminated as soon as possible. If we need more money for school exercise equipment, there are many new taxes we can put into place to pay for it. A gas tax, tax on food, and of course more taxes on booze and marijuana and cigarettes, are all good ways to get the money needed to teach our children the life skills they will need to have, to be productive, happy citizens. Schools need more money to operate, and taxpayers are going to have to fund schools, one way or another. Let your state government know your willingness to pay more taxes for schools.

Stephen Adenau