Letters to the Editor

Questions actions of sheriff’s department

Regarding the hideous event that befell our community Jun 10, such senseless tragedies are impossible for us mere mortals to understand. In light of such a horrifying incident, what could possibly have been going on in the collective minds of the Whatcom County Sheriff’s Department regarding their action a mere mile from the site of the event some two hours later? Around 3:30-4 p.m. I witnessed nine (by actual count by myself and others) sheriff’s department vehicles one after another, with no vehicles in between, barreling eastward on Axton Road through the stop sign at Northwest Avenue with lights and sirens at full blast and at a minimum speed of 60 mph. What, I would like to know, was the reason for this? Clearly they were not responding to an emergency, as it is outside the realm of possibilities that there would be nine vehicles all lined up in a row ready to respond to some random emergency. And if it was some sort of raid on a criminal activity of some kind, it seems reasonable to think that a more prudent and productive method would be to avoid announcing their approach in such a blatant manner. Is it really necessary for those sworn to protect us to heedlessly endanger our collective safety in such a manner? I invite (and believe that I, and indeed all citizens of Whatcom County, deserve) an answer from Bill Elfo, who is a person I respect and admire.

Peter Woolery