Letters to the Editor

Questions charter review commissioners

Michelle Luke asserts in Monday’s paper that there have been “excessive protections placed on rural land by conservation nonprofits.” Well, that is just false. Land conservation nonprofits have not put a single protection, excessive or otherwise, on rural land. What the nonprofits have done is sue the county for adopting land use policies that are illegal. If there have been restrictions imposed, it’s the courts that did it because — again — the county’s policies were illegal. And these illegal policies have cost Whatcom County enormous amounts of time and money in litigation fees, penalties and council and staff hours to do it over legally.

It seems some Charter Review Commissioners would, if possible, penalize local citizen groups for speaking out against illegal policies. Instead of trying to silence local citizens who suggest the county has adopted illegal land use policies, it would be a lot better to adopt legal policies in the first place.

I believe this attempt by the Charter Review Commission’s so-called “conservatives” to deny free speech for those they disagree with really takes the cake. If it were not so absurd it would be frightening.

Daniel Warner