Letters to the Editor

Sees double standard in charter review

Let me get this straight, according to a June 7 Herald article, conservatives on the county Charter Review Commission say they want to “fix what’s wrong with Whatcom County” by preventing environmental groups, like Futurewise, from receiving money from the county for services rendered, even though they couldn’t come up with an example of the county ever contracting with the non-profit. Then, the excuse is that Futurewise “pressures” the council to do it’s bidding. My question is, why shouldn’t Futurewise, RE Sources, or other non-profits be able to petition the county when they have grievances? For-profit companies certainly try to influence politicians, and receive all kinds of contracts and spending. Why is the council not holding them to the same standard? For conservative members to single out non-profit environmental groups who fight for the rights of not only all the county’s citizens, but its land and wildlife as well, I believe is hypocritical at best and politically motivated ideological purity at its worst.

Kevin Leja