Letters to the Editor

Concerned about delay in jail plan

Just spent a long night listening to the testimony and watching the deliberations of the Whatcom County Council as they tried to come to some sort consensus about the new jail.

Well, the County Council is moving forward, kind of. They decided to wait for two weeks in order to give a newly established vocal minority an opportunity to offer their recommendations.

This group is being led by Lisa and Dan McShane, self-proclaimed local activists. They’re going to spend the next two weeks searching the internet and to return in order to educate the rest of us with their newly acquired “expertise.” They claim that it will only take their group two weeks to come up with better alternatives to incarnation and a better plan for a new jail facility.

Also, it was a real eye opener to listen to Councilman Ken Mann, I believe completely reject any form of a new jail or any form of traditional incarceration of any felon. Apparently, Councilman Mann believes that we should be giving hardened criminals “chemical therapy” in order to control their behavior. And then we should introduce Prozac into our drinking water in order to control the rest of us. OK, I’m only kidding about the Prozac, well kind-of.

Bob Friske