Letters to the Editor

Questions truth of base closures

I was a snowbird to Tucson, Arizona, for a number of years and still subscribe to the Arizona Daily News. I think I have, over the years, been subjected to intense conservative politics. Arizona is as red as a state can be. And of course an unending refrain is “shrink government and the deficit; end government subsidies.”

Now the hue and cry in Tucson is what can be done to save our Air Force Base, Davis-Monthan. The primary aircraft based there is obsolete and no new mission has been identified. The politicians led by Sen. John McCain are sparing no argument — except the real one! The base is a critical economic component in Tucson and the huge outlay to keep the base is, I believe, primarily a government rescue mission.

I have no quarrel with needed government rescue for any in our country needing it. My quarrel is with what I believe to be the duplicitous effort to cover the real purpose up with some sort of defense argument that ultimately will result in even more Department of Defense bloating. Our Congress needs to far more truthful and to face questions of facility closure with at least one eye on national priorities.

Tom Constans