Letters to the Editor

Richardson offers support for Wright

After two exhausting hours of running for Bellingham School District 501 Board Position 2, it is with a heavy heart that I leave the race. Over the course of my hard-fought and inspiring campaign, I am honored to be able to say that I learned a lot, made friends, made even more enemies, and stood for what’s right for Bellingham’s children. However, with the entry of Shannon Wright into this race, my convictions tell me that I should suspend my campaign and provide my full support and endorsement for someone with an excellent mix of skills and experience that Bellingham can trust. While I know many of my supporters will be disappointed with this announcement, I am confident the Bellingham School District will ultimately be in capable hands. Thank you all for your steadfast and heartfelt support, and I look forward to working together with you and community leaders like Shannon in the future to make Bellingham the best place it can be for children to live, learn and grow.

Dylan Richardson