Letters to the Editor

Supports Sanders for U.S. President

A recent study comparing public opinion with government actions over 20 years concluded that public opinion has near-zero impact on U.S. law. What mattered? Money! Opinions of the bottom 90 percent had a “statistically non-significant impact,” as opposed to economic elites, business interests, lobbyists.

I believe the majority of Americans think the increasing wealth gap is unfair and taxes should be raised on the rich to reduce it. Most oppose Citizens United and consider college education unaffordable. Most young people feel student debt is a big problem. Seventy-one percent believe global warming is occurring. Most say free trade agreements have been bad for the U.S.

Which candidate holds views that align with these Americans and has been fighting for them his entire career? It’s the person the top 1 percent depicts as “out of step.” (He wants to break up the big banks!)

I believe Bernie Sanders is in the mainstream of public opinion. I believe Sanders agrees with Americans on all these issues, speaks the truth, is passionate about his beliefs and is 100 percent for the 99 percent. He once spoke for 8.5 hours on the Senate floor opposing tax breaks for the rich.

He won his last election with 71 percent of the vote and has been recognized by the Military Officers Association of America for his leadership in support of veterans.

And counter to the norm, he is not a millionaire; his net worth has actually declined while in office.

Vote Bernie!

Carol Kemp