Letters to the Editor

Says climate change deniers politically motivated

Recent letters in The Herald contend we’re only imagining the crucial weather changes experienced the world over. I believe these writers are the epitome of “deniers” and continue to stick their heads deep into quicksand while insisting that only they know the “real” truth. They try to replace reason and fact with politically motivated vitriol and their own excuses of “coincidence.”

I believe some are staunch Republicans and continue to blame President Obama and “the Democrats” for these unusual circumstances. Their rigidity is so absolute in persisting that global warming/climate change do not exist.

I’d like to know how they, and others who share their opinions, can explain why there is rampant flooding in so many parts of the world (our nation included), how farms are being wiped out (greatly diminishing food supplies), why glaciers are melting so rapidly, and why normally moderate temperatures are spiking so intensely that people are dieing in places never experiencing these changes before.

A perfect example of climate change on our local level is the recent Ski to Sea race, which could not include the two historic skiing components due to a severe lack of snow on Mount Baker. Did the Democrats do this, too?

I continue to wonder how their thinking has become so skewed – if they really think at all.

Suzanne Kite