Letters to the Editor

Finds no science in conspiracy theories

It is puzzling to me that in a county as diverse and tolerant as ours, The Herald repeatedly publishes what I believe to be the wild rants by the same few science-denying extremists. One would think that those unenlightened views represent the sentiments of more than half the readers. In fact, recent polls show that our nation is dominated by more progressive values. Only by suppressing the vote can the political right control Congress and the national agenda.

Climate change, evolution and science in general are not “belief systems.” Accepted doctrine of natural laws are based upon the scientific method. A theory is put forth, modeling and controlled experimentation is conducted to prove or disprove it. Independent research corroborating results and peer review assure that the information is accurate. I suggest that those who do not ”believe” in this method disavow themselves of all scientific advances including medical intervention and air travel to name a few.

To suggest that our government is conspiring to control us by acting on scientific evidence is ludicrous. I believe the stranglehold that multinational, undemocratic corporations have on our elected officials is the real danger. Unlimited profit for a few elite individuals is their only goal regardless of the harmful effects on the environment or population. Government is the firewall that protects us from corporate greed and levels the playing field. Maybe no letters are written by the progressive majority because we are too busy trying to scrape together a meager living amid dispiriting odds. I guess the squeaky wheel gets the grease.

Cynthia Friedman